The organisation grew from a small group of disabled people who were fed up being ignored by policymakers and felt excluded from civil and political participation in the County.

A countywide organisation was set up to challenge such exclusion and discrimination by bringing together both individuals and groups of disabled people. It was felt that together we could empower disabled people by developing the skills and confidence they need to become a powerful voice by providing a collective support network. This would ensure that we were listened to and would no longer be ignored.
Securing representation on the Coalition and networking with voluntary groups that are involved with people of all ages and covering a wide variety of disabilities, including people with physical disabilities, people with sensory impairment, people suffering/recovering from mental health problems, people with learning disabilities, special needs and any other appropriate conditions.

Increasing knowledge and understanding in the community on all matters relating to people with disabilities through a variety of media and means.

Providing a focus for addressing issues relating to access to a wide range of facilities and activities: e.g. public buildings, transport, sport, employment and entertainment.

Working in partnership with statutory, voluntary and private organisations to ensure that issues relating to disability, are continuously on the agenda for planning and delivering services and addressed with the aim of achieving positive outcomes.