Carmarthenshire Disability Partnership

The overall aim of the Carmarthenshire Disability Partnership (CDP) is to make sure services delivered by the Council meet the needs of disabled people throughout Carmarthenshire.  The CDP will have specific regard to the Equality Act 2010 and the three duties to: 1, eliminate discrimination, harassment and victimisation; 2, promote equality of opportunity; and 3, promote good relations.

The group will work to the following objectives:

  1. Develop an achievable annual CDP action plan, based on priority improvement areas
  2. To respond to other disability issues that may arise
  3. To increase the membership of the Carmarthenshire Disability Coalition for Action
  4. To influence and support the development of Carmarthenshire County Council commissioning decisions.

Shared Values

The CDP will operate on the basis of an equal partnership between the Carmarthenshire Disability Coalition for Action (‘Disability Coalition’) and the Council.

The CDP will value and respect the range of perspectives and opinions.

Membership of the Group

  • Chair of the Disability Coalition
  • Treasurer of the Disability Coalition
  • Nominee of the Disability Coalition
  • Disability Champion
  • Senior officer with responsibility for disability
  • Commissioning Manager
  • Commissioning Officer
  • Policy representative
  • Community Resource Team representative
  • Visual and Sensory impairment team representative
  • Representative from Hywel Dda University Health Board

Other councillors or officers will be asked to attend on an issue by issue basis, or as required by the annual action plan.

Frequency of Meeting

The group will meet on a scheduled bi-monthly basis at pre-determined accessible venues.

Chairing of Meeting

Executive Board Disability Champion


To be agreed by the Champion and Disability Coalition chair.


To be provided by Carmarthenshire County Council. Agendas and minutes will be provided for the meetings.