Origins of the Group

The Inaugural Meeting of the Carmarthenshire Disability Coalition for Action, was held in Tumble Welfare Hall, Tumble on Thursday 7 March 2002.

The meeting was chaired by Rian Davies, Chief Executive of Disability Wales/Anabledd Cymru.

Ms. Rian Davies opened the meeting with a request from officers in attendance from Social Care and Housing and the Health Trust that the meeting consider whether their presence was acceptable. A vote was taken and the majority supported the motion that the officers remain in attendance.

The meeting continued by addressing the agreed agenda.

Introduction by Chair of the Enabling Group.

Mr Paul Betteridge (Chair of the Enabling Group) informed the meeting of the process leading up to this stage of the development of a Carmarthenshire wide representative body of disabled people. At the previous consultation day held in Llanelli at the Selwyn Samuel Centre, it had been agreed that an enabling group be established to undertake specific pieces of work leading to the formation of a wider representative body.

To this end the enabling group had held two meetings which resulted in the adoption of a model constitution and aim and objectives. It was agreed by the enabling group that various issues within the constitution and the aims and objectives needed to be considered by the meeting before any further progress could be made.

The meeting continued with the Election of Officers. It was agreed that from a Committee of eleven elected members they would select a Chairperson, Secretary and Treasurer.

The meeting continued with the Constitution. Mr Paul Betteridge opened the discussion on the draft constitution, and advised the meeting that the chosen model, subject to various alterations was acceptable to the Charity Commission. Discussion then took place on a suitable name, the final options being The Carmarthenshire Disability Action Group or Carmarthenshire Disability Coalition for Action, with the latter becoming the chosen name. The Charity’s “objects” were then agreed upon, and eleven nominees were elected to sit on the Executive Committee. It was then proposed that a representative from Carmarthenshire Association of Voluntary Services be co-opted onto the committee, and the proposal was accepted. It was then moved that the constitution be adopted subject to the amendments agreed by the meeting. Carried.

Following items in any other business, Mr Paul Betteridge thanked those officers from Health and Local Authority for their support in the process of developing the CDCA.

It was agreed that the first two items for business on the Executive Committees first agenda would be the Election of Officers and submission of the constitution to the Charities Commission.

Rhian Davies closed proceedings by congratulating all present on the formation of the Carmarthenshire Disability Wales/Anabledd Cymru in developing of Coalition for Action. She also offered her support and the support of Disability Wales/Anabledd Cymru in the development of the Coalition.