Vulnerable Adults

Carmarthenshire Disability Coalition for Action is committed to ensuring that vulnerable people who use our services are not abused and that working practices minimise the risk of such abuse.

  1. Definition

Vulnerable adults are people who are over 18 years of age and are getting or may need help and services to live in the community. Vulnerable adults may be unable to take care of themselves and unable to protect themselves from harm or exploitation by other people.

Abuse can include: physical, financial, material, sexual, psychological, discriminatory, emotional abuse and neglect. Abuse can take place in any setting, public or private, and can be perpetuated by anyone.

Volunteers and staff have a duty to identify abuse and report it.

  1. Support to volunteers and staff

The volunteers and staff reporting of incidents of suspected or potential abuse may find that the victim and/or the other responsible adult concerned i.e. are upset or angry. The Committee will support you. Other support may take the form of support provided by work colleagues or support or counselling provided by an outside body if required.

Volunteers and staff themselves may also be the subject of an allegation of abuse. While support will be offered, the Coalition will ensure that all authorities are given all assistance pursing any investigation. Suspension and/or discipline may be implemented.

  1. Suspect of abuse by a Coalition volunteers and staff

  • Where a member of volunteers and staff is suspected of abuse the following action should be taken:
    The Committee should interview the volunteers and staff with a witness present.
  • The Committee should make arrangements for interviewing the suspected victim. This should be done with Coalition volunteers or staff member and a support for the victim present.
  • The purpose of the meeting is not to investigate but to establish whether there are grounds for the allegation
  • The procedure in 5 below should then be followed.
  1. Confidentiality

Confidentiality is crucial to all our work and relationships and the Coalition confidentiality policy should be adhered to except that the welfare of vulnerable adults is paramount and takes precedence over it. Do not keep concerns relating to potential abuse of vulnerable adults to yourself

Confidentiality may NOT be maintained if the withholding of information will prejudice the welfare of the adult.

  1. Contact information

Allegation of the alleged abuse, which occurred when the person is over 18 years old, falls under the Protection of Vulnerable Adults and needs to be reported to the Social Services Department.